Our Services are:


If you are looking for candidates on permanent basis within a specialized field or looking to hire for long term projects our Direct Hire team is ready to help you to find the best candidates. Just provide us a Job description /person specification and we will do the rest.

Few Key Benefits of Our Direct Hire Services

•    Saves time and cost
•    Only interview screened and shortlisted candidates
•    Hire the candidates who will fit in the organisation culturally and professionally
•    Interview Candidates with references already checked
•    Hire your choice of nationality as we have our affiliates all over the world
•    Candidates’ can be selected on trade test facility.



We provide outsourcing Services with competitive prices and peace of mind. If you are looking for an individual or a team to finish a project cost effectively and to the tight deadlines our Outsourcing Service is the ideal solution. Our outsourcing team hires best candidates from all over the world.

Key benefits of our outsourcing services are:

Reduced Operational and Recruitment costs: Recruitment and operational costs can be minimized to a great extent when Employees are hired on Group Express visa and payroll and Outsourced to customer’s location for temporary or long term employments.

Focus on Core Business Functionalities: Our Outsourcing services allow the clients to focus on their core business functionalities.

Flexibility & Scalability to expand: it provides flexibility and scalability to clients to expand business operations

Improved Quality of work: Faster and better services

Access to skilled candidates: who are vetted and available in the country

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